An onslaught of cardiac pole bills (that’s what we call “heartbeat” bills, cuz it’s not an ACTUAL heartbeat at that time, as Dr. Jen Gunter explains here)  have been proposed this year and despite the best efforts of hardworking activists, many are getting signed. Now, it’s time for us to decide what we’re gonna do about it. And we think it’s time for Hollywood to step up and say “Fine, Georgia politicians, if you want to sacrifice doing ACTUAL good for your constituents and instead pass bogus laws that strip the rights away from pregnant people… we’re gone.”

Voting is important, but in Georgia, voter suppression reigned supreme, which we think really says it all about what’s happening now. Guess who’s not people to Georgia politicians: anyone who votes for them. Guess who they DO consider people: a 6-week old fetus.

So EVERYONE on this list, everyone who has a show that’s about to film in Atlanta for the tax break: remember, it’s not worth it if you have to compromise people’s reproductive rights!!! Stop filming in Georgia until they stop voting against the interests of soooo many of their constituents!!