Oh who will think of the sad anti-abortion advocate, so desperately uncool, so hopelessly out-of-touch? All she wants to do is be included in FEMINISM, I mean, feminism IS supposed to be about being inclusion right? Is it really inclusion if you can’t even LISTEN to her talk about how uterus-havers who don’t want to have babies are destructive monsters? SO MUCH FOR BEING INCLUSIVE, FEMINISTS!

Y'all, we were so nervous to read this Buzzfeed News article “How Anti-Abortion Advocates Are Using A Pro-Woman Message To Appeal To A New Generation.” But honestly, it’s so worth your time. We’ve seen a lot of hateful people corrupt progressive language as a means to further their own hateful agenda recently. But honestly, this funhouse mirror of what “feminism” and “inclusivity” and “basic human decency” means takes the cake. This conference of haters is trying to use the language of feminism to say that abortion is evil, through a series of panels and… we kid you not… a frickin’ Anti-Choice Birchbox of sorts.  Basically all the programs have names like “Don’t Be Weird” or “Just Be Normal When You’re Trying to Deceive People” or “Make Them Feel Bad About Themselves, But Like, In a Feminist Way.” But you KNOW they can’t keep themselves from saying things that reveal their true colors. Take this:

“Wherever you stand politically, I think we can agree that part of the reason women don’t have things like flexible workplaces and maternity leave is because contraception and abortion has sucked up all the oxygen in the room about what it means to be a women’s issue.”

Oh dip WHEREVER we stand politically we’ll agree to this? For real? One thing that’s particularly funny about the quote is how anti-feminist it is without even realizing it. “Hey world, we can only focus on ONE women’s issue at a time and if it’s abortion then like… we can’t really talk about maternity leave, because we only have time for ONE issue on the slate of issues and you know we’re constantly trying to shrink ourselves and seem smaller, cuz we wouldn’t want to have too many issues at once that people have to pay attention to.”

Anyway, you have to read this, to combat it, because people can’t get away with saying shit like this is feminist!

And real quick one more thing: we can’t decide which is worse (but since we’re capable of having more than one ISSUE AT A TIME let’s just say they’re all bad) this fake feminist nonsense or the womb raiders arguing they have SCIENCE on their side. I mean we’re all for scientific advancement but just because we now know when the fetus gets like, frickin’ fingernails or whatnot, doesn’t mean we are gonna be like “Ohh you’re right, fingernails is a bridge too far, no one should be able to get an abortion.” So we’re gonna suggest you read this horrible article too. It’s hateful and bad, but it’s the kinda dangerous “Just putting this out there, OH DON’T I SOUND LOGICAL AND LIKE I’VE READ BOOKS, OK BOOM NO MORE RIGHTS” kinda shit we have to fight too. Because we can all philosophize away basic human empathy if we want to. It’s why people waste time thinking of human beings as “thought experiments” while people starve. People get pregnant for so many reasons and want so many different things out of life. We can’t blanket statement away choice, by dropping bullshit philosophy of how we “should behave” or how we’re “taught to behave.”

There’s no place for feminism that lacks empathy in the movement. So take your fucking subscription boxes and hit the road!