OK y’all it’s the hot humid days of August and we’re taking our daily rage BRIEFLY ABROAD! Yes, it does legitimately horrify us to have a First Lady who wears a “I really don’t care” jacket and starts the most ironic anti-bullying online campaign we’ve ever heard of. BUT BUT BUT it could be worse: in Russia the prime minister’s wife, Svetlana Medvedeva isn’t tackling bullying (or childhood obesity). No no no, HER campaign of choice is BEING ANTI-ABORTION! And in “honor” of her “Give Me Life” (Wake Me Up Inside) campaign, they’re just RANDOMLY BANNING ABORTION IN SOME CITIES. Read this particularly horrifying quote “By introducing a temporary ban on abortion, we emphasize the need to take care of your health.” Oh really?? You really care? Oh how thoughtful. This is so gross.

But in good, incremental, honestly it feels like this has been going on forever and we can’t get over how incredible Argentine allies are, news… the Argentinian senate will vote this week on a measure that would make abortion legal after 14 weeks. It seems like the vote is going to be close, so we just want to send all our love and support to the amazing people fighting for access in Argentina. This New York Times article has all the details, including the fact that Argentina in 1995 was 87 percent Catholic!! OMG!

OK that’s it for our tour abroad for today, now here’s some domestic news:

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