Sometimes they call us “Big Abortion” and it’s honestly funny and we want to get t-shirts of it, cuz like, whatever, we are not scared of having abortion in our name, have you HEARD THE NEWS?

But the implication with anti-abortion crusaders is that Planned Parenthood just has ALL THIS FUCKING MONEY that they just like, lavishly spend on (healthcare duh) GOLD stirrups or something. Which is funny cuz… they know they’re lying. They know that doing things like passing shitty laws that ban the safest procedure or burying people in red tape or continuing to pass workarounds that should be blocked by every court but that force you to sue — they can virtually close clinics. Just look at Missouri. They passed an 8-week ban there (that will hopefully be blocked). That affects… one clinic. ONE FUCKING CLINIC IN THE WHOLE STATE! The whole government voted on it. More people voted on it than actually work at that Planned Parenthood (prob).

But then anti-choicers also ALWAYS wanna act like the victim but… um… they have so much effing money. A scary amount of money. An amount of money where it’s like “couldn’t you be doing something FUN instead of yelling outside of clinics??” Enter this story from the Hill (which like, damn, the Hill will just publish everything) where the head of Big Hate talks about their plan to spread the hate. The glee these people take in denying people rights makes us feel like they’d take joy out of tripping a child on the street or denying air conditioning to the elderly.

You gotta read it though, cuz as always, we’re building the resistance and we NEED TO KNOW WHO WE’RE FIGHTING AGAINST!