We all were up in arms about the 6-week abortion bans (or as we like to call them “like two weeks after a missed period” bans). People gave money (which was great), threatened to boycott (which was righteous), tweeted a storm (which kept the story in the public conscientiousness). But the thing is, like always seems to happen, the cycle moved on a little. 

And all these cases are still IN THE COURTS. Take this 20-week ban that got overturned in North Carolina (BIG NEWS at the time)… the state is just gonna appeal it and put it in court forever on the faint hope it’ll go to the Supreme Court but also the very real hope that it’ll scare confused people awayu from getting abortions. THIS KIND OF DRUDGERY IS A TRUE EFFING NIGHTMARE of BORING and therefore NOT A BIG NEWS STORY. But it’s where all the nonsense goes unchecked.

In Missouri, that one clinic still hangs in limbo. The courts ARE being KINDA helpful but… one thing they constantly want to debate is WHAT FUCKING “UNDUE BURDEN” means. And like, let’s be real, ALL THIS SHIT is an undue burden IF IT’S YOU AND YOUR TIME. But yet… because we as a society have lost the ability to feel EMPATHY for others, suddenly when it becomes one clinic having to jump through a bunch of hoops… then it’s like “Well, idk, this isn’t a HUGE burden to you to have to fill out this form in triplicate that we’re gonna dump in the garbage any way.” Honestly, the anti-abortion sites have picked up that there were a few complications at the clinic and CLUNG to them as if that’s not just… how hospitals work. They’re being like “Well, if one in a THOUSAND has an issue… sorry, no more doctors.” Honestly they should probably take a look at CATHOLIC HOSPITALS! They’d be mortified. 

And finally we think this Utah story is a good example of just how EFFING boring this stuff is but how we HAVE to keep paying attention. So Planned Parenthood wanted a judge to just throw out this 18-week ban. It’s an undue burden, plain and simple. Obvs, that rarely happens and it didn’t here. Instead, the state gets to drag their feet “collecting evidence.” And look, we KNOW what “discovery” is… we’ve seen a court show. But… doesn’t it seem a LITTLE suss and OBVIOUSLY a stalling tactic that the state would be like “well, we were confident enough to make this a law but now… give us a few weeks to just get a LITTLE more evidence.” OF COURSE IT’S SUSS! IT’S ALL A GAME TO THEM! 

SO yes, we know this shit… can be tedious. But pay attention. They’ll take your rights away while boring you to death with paperwork!