Missouri, Maine, Vermont have abortion rights victories,” y’all… WHAT? We rarely get to see such positive headlines like this. It’s usually like “Alabama has put its abortion clinic on a barge out to sea and is now charging it with fines for being on the barge.”

This is great! And these wins are all the work of badass activists like you!

First up Missouri: for ten more days the clinic can stay open. The state has put Missouri’s last clinic through a RIDICULOUS back and forth without seemingly telling them exactly what their “violations” were. If they even exist. We can’t say we expect the state to be too much better this go around, but that’s why we have to be relentless in supporting that this clinic should STAY OPEN!

The Associated Press headline for Maine is hilariously rude “Maine law to allow non-doctors to perform abortions.” LOL imagine being a nurse and just getting called a “non-doctor” all your life. It’s not like any stranger in the woods can perform abortions! It’s just other medical professionals besides doctors! It’s GOOD. It’s still safe. I mean, you SEE the kind of regulations they put people through… we think.. Everyone will be fine. In fact, we know. Because abortion is safe!  

Also Vermont made abortion a fundamental human right (signed by the Republican gov)!

All in a day!