Just as January seemed to last an eternity, February flew by and here we are at the end. Thus is the passage of time, drifting on from day to day, in the endless onslaught of news, inundating and suffocating us. 


Utah, we wrote about you yesterday but just forever reminder that you can’t in one breath say you’re “helping” people and the next be like “you HAVE to pay for this thing WE are mandating that you don’t want.” Well, I guess you CAN, that’s what anti-abortion people do all the time.

VIRGINIA, we had GOOD news out of Virginia! A True shocker. A reminder that elections matter and also constant, specific, relentless activism. The Reproductive Health Protection Act passed. And while (based on the next story) we know you can never undo the damage these laws cause to people (EVEN IF THEY GET BLOCKED), it’s nice to remember you CAN in fact undo these laws, eventually. But also they shouldn’t be passed. Gah we hate how everything good reminds us of something bad.

The something bad: Georgia…’s shitty abortion laws. See, banning abortion after 6-weeks was never gonna stand as constitutional (for now). But… boy has it taken forever to officially destroy this bill. AND IN THE TIME IN BETWEEN not everyone, turns out, understands the intricacies of appeals courts and injunctions and blocks! A LOT of people in Georgia just think abortion is illegal there now. The damage has been DONEE!

We don’t… want to see callous here but.. We don’t … give a fuck about your… regret your abortion story. Well wait, that’s not true. There’s space for all emotions in this movement. So if you feel it it’s fine. Let’s rephrase … we don’t give a fuck about your “I regret my abortion” storyline if you are using it as a weapon to say “No one else deserves rights”! IOWAA

Honestly these stupid “sanctuary cities for the unborn” only occupy the most ridiculous part of our brains but we are… loving that the ACLU sued them. We should sue them exclusively for taking something nice like “sanctuary cities” and making it… a place where people who can get pregnant have no rights!

And  speaking of NATIONAL IMPLICATIONS this week a US appeals court upholding the TRULY TERRIBLE rules surrounding Title X (like that you can’t even MENTION it and get the funding, which, again, is for fucking BIRTH CONTROL). Planned Parenthood and other clinics bowed out rather than, you know, completely betray their morals. Did we think that maybe sanity would win and they would get their funding back… well… it is 2020!  

We’re not gonna waste any more time explaining the Senate vote this week to you because the Senate already wasted EVERYONE’S time doing that dog and pony show. So, have a good leap day, y’all!