It’s a Feminist Buzzkills News Break! Along with an incredible special guest, the Buzzkills take a deep dive into what healthcare access looks like for incarcerated folks in the US – a dive so deep, that we’ll be breaking it all down over 2 episodes! Joining us with her expertise (and unstoppable glasses game) in discussing the overall challenges for healthcare, reproductive, and pregnancy care within this country’s racist, sexist, inhumane prison system is multi-hyphenate Badass, Reproductive Justice scholar and fighter, Chancellor’s Professor at UC Irvine, ACLU board member, author of Policing the Womb, podcast host of Ms. Magazine’s “On the Issues with Michele Goodwin,” and so much more – Dr. Michele B Goodwin!! Let’s get into it.


Featured Feminist Buzzkills:

Lizz Winstead @lizzwinstead
Moji Alawode-El @mojilocks
Marie Khan @mjkhan
Special Guest: Dr. Michele Goodwin @michelebgoodwin

Quick Hits:

Mention our sister org/podcast

  • Quick background info on our focus on reproductive rights

Introduce the importance of the intersection of incarceration and healthcare access

2 news stories this week re: abortion x incarceration:


Meaty Story / Dr. Michele Goodwin shares her knowledge:

Sue Ellen Allan

Gina Panetta

  • Remembering Gina Panetta and her unjust death (2003) in Arizona’s prison system
  • The tragic effect and psychological harm Gina’s death had on her oldest daughter

Sesame Street

Prison is not designed for women

Pregnancy in Prison

Dr. Goodwin’s experience in The Philippines

  • Her interview with head of an NGO that focuses on rescuing women & children from sex trafficking
  • Children incarcerated in The Philippines vs in US

Wrap-up at the end

  • Lizz, Moji, and Marie
  • Preface the conversation focus for Part 2 with Dr. Goodwin next week
  • Thank you!