Well it’s that time of year again: PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE SEASON! Oh yeah, and the time when, unburdened by like… jobs and shit, hundreds of protesters across the United States go into full-blown nightmare mode and harass patients outside of clinics! It’s “40 Days for Life” a gathering of a bunch of maniacs outside clinics praying and being loud as fuck and generally annoying patients. 

Their website reads “help save lives by praying to end abortion in your community.” And we can’t help feeling like… God wouldn’t want you to do this. Think of all the horrors going on in this world… do you really think praying in front of doctor’s offices is helping?!?! I mean… if you’re gonna pray in front of doctor’s offices, do it for like, patients going into extremely experimental surgery! They could maybe use you. They maybe want you. 

Or better yet, you could just love thy neighbor. You could realize that your time would be better spent volunteering at a soup kitchen or working for Habitat for Humanity. 

But praying to shame people is scary and wrong! How are you gonna use prayer as a WEAPON? I mean, doesn’t that feel off to anyone else? If you break this down you’re saying “hey, them seeing me aggressively praying is gonna make them FEEL BAD and CHANGE THEIR MINDS BECAUSE OF THAT BAD FEELING.” WHY WOULD YOU WANT THAT? 

This whole thing just started Wednesday and it’s going until November 3rd. Totally RUINING some people’s Halloweens! 

Clinic workers actually counsel patients. They actually care about their lives. They do a million times more than anyone creepily praying out front. So now more than ever we think it’s a great time to send our Thank Bank postcards to people working at the clinics. Tell them you appreciate what they do! Tell them they’re saving lives! Tell them to not let these cruel, cruel people out front get them down! Because spending your whole life being that judgmental is SUCH A DRAG!