Happy Monday all! I regret to inform you that this week is at it again! It’s the sequel to last week, if you will. And while we wait with bated breath to see what ways politicians will try to obfuscate this FBI investigation, we still are out here protesting and calling our Senators to make sure Kavanaugh does NOT get confirmed to the Supreme Court.

But one thing we think this whole Kavanaugh debacle really illustrates, is how much the current reality feels like The Emperor’s New Clothes. We all see the emperor’s dick, and yet, THE OTHER SIDE is still trying to convince us he’s wear a nice suit. NO HE’S NOT GUYS, HE’S JUST GOT HIS DICK OUT!

If several of his classmates say he was a belligerent drunk, if he WROTE IN THE YEARBOOK that he saw women as things you can be “alumnus” of, if he yelled at the woman senator trying to question him, IT’S PRETTY FUCKING OBVIOUS HE’S NOT THIS NICE, OUTSTANDING GENTLEMAN! I mean, HE’S WEARING NO CLOTHES!

And this brings us to the Jane Doe case, which yep, Kavanaugh of course is a part of! We can see with our own eyes, that immigrant children are not being reunited with their families. We can see how much it is devastating these children on a level they might never recover from. I mean, anyone who has ever considered adopting a child (A THING THE OTHER SIDE CLAIMS TO CARE ABOUT) knows the effects on children of not being parented. AND YET, the other side does not seem to care. What INSTEAD they’ve decided to really care about, is making sure immigrant teens do not have abortion. Oh yes, the gov has a strong, legitimate and profound interest in the life of the child in the womb.” Once that womb fruit is alive, not so much. Then just put them in a cage. THE HYPOCRISY IS JUST SO FUCKING BLATANT. THE EMPEROR IS NAKED! DOES NO ONE ELSE SEE IT? DOES NO ONE ELSE … CARE??? ARE WE JUST ALL USED TO IT?!?!

And like, we gotta mention another stupid thing, not even the stupidest, I guess, but still, we hate it. It’s funny that anti-choice zygote loving hypocrites like to use “science” whenever it’s convenient to them (like it’s some big fucking reveal, like they open a curtain and BOOM there’s science!), but then don’t really care about actual scientific advancement. This is all to say that we’re not gonna cure Alzheimer's prob because some fucking zealot has decided that fetal tissue should just like, go in the ground and not have any actual value to society, all because they’re so mad about abortion.

It’s just Monday.