Y’all a bunch of legal sh*t went down yesterday and let’s just say it IS ALL CONFUSING. Total bans and blocking them… those make good flashy headlines. MEN TRACKING PERIODS IN A SPREADSHEET! That’s something that people will notice (and honestly they should and we’ll get BACK to this!). But man, these like, moving the line slowly but surely cases that have like, a gabillion appeals, THIS will be the end of reproductive rights. AND ARE YOU GONNA PAY ATTENTION!?! 

So FIRST we’re talking Louisiana. Louisiana, you might have heard of it! They’re going to the SUPREME COURT! But before they do they’re … gonna have to deal with some more shit. OK we’re gonna… try to break this down for you. Basically Louisiana (THE STATE… or ok when we say it here we mean the politicians who push an anti-abortion agenda) wanted a judge to throw out a case that abortion advocates put forth. The abortion rights advocates claimed that the restrictions placed on them were causing an undue burden and the state was like “THIS IS AN UNDUE BURDEN TO US TO DEAL WITH THIS.” And basically… ok ok we know you are asleep now! That’s the point! The point is THEY could go all day with this stuff and OUR SIDE is trying to see patients and keep patients safe! And while all this has been going on (SINCE FUCKING 2001) Louisiana has gone from 11 clinics to 3 clinics. THAT’S ALREADY AN UNDUE BURDEN A JUDGE SHOULD SEE THAT AND BE LIKE “YEP!”

But any way there are a lot of details in this article and again you should read! BUT we’d like to bring up one that is… “Some of the examples the panel cited included requirements that an abortion facility have a name that does not mislead patients into thinking it is run by the state.” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL OMG OMG. REALLY? Do you REALLY think that ANYONE who reads the fucking NEWS and knows how fucking HOSTILE the state is to abortion is gonna see an abortion clinic and be like “Oh dip, did the state fund this clinic!?!” COME ON! OF COURSE THIS IS AN UNDUE BURDEN! 

And let’s just quickly talk about period trackers! Y’all… we cannot stress enough how creepy this Missouri story is. The guy who wanted to require patients to have TWO pelvic exams before getting abortion again is BACK tracking missed periods. You know… because clinics need to know that info for a real reason… and he … doesn’t need to know that info at all! 

Both of these cases comes down to a central issue: don’t be anti-abortion.

LOLOLOL ok we kid we kid, that’s just the central issue of life. The central issue here is: you as a politician are not gonna know more than A PERSON’S DOCTOR!