We’ve been focusing on the doom and gloom lately because, frankly, we were meteorologists, seeing the storm cloud coming for months and months (tracking more and more states proposing heartbeat bills)  and the media didn’t get those effing umbrellas until the SHIT HIT THE FAN (did we mix some metaphors there? sure).

So last week a DEMOCRAT — an ANTI-CHOICE DEMOCRAT, A PHRASE THAT SHOULDN’T EXIST BECAUSE WE ARE NOT A WEDGE ISSUE! — signed Louisiana’s “heartbeat” bill (also written by a Democrat).  This one is a particular betrayal for us, and a reminder that when you vote or advocate for people… you can’t just be like “Oh, Democrat, on my side!” You gotta LOOK to make sure they ACTUALLY ARE. Cuz… a Democrat in Louisiana is not always gonna be what you think (also… AN ILLINOIS DEMOCRAT MIGHT NOT BE EITHER).

But we want to give a few shoutouts where they’re due! One to Buzzfeed  for putting together this GREAT, DISTURBING, NECESSARY piece on Alabama.

And of course our QUEENS in Illinois passing the Reproductive Health Act there that ensures that fetuses are NOT people, pregnant people are people. Yus yus yus yus! And, you know what, also shoutout to Nevada who passed a sweeping reproductive rights act. It turns out people who got abortions in Nevada used to technically have to provide their marital status… which is 50 shades of fucked up. So… good for you Nevada for getting into the 21st century here!

And finally we go to South Bend where… we’re not sure how to feel. On Friday they were all set to open! On Sunday night the Indiana Attorney General appealed the ruling. We’ve been following this story for a while and frankly this back and forth is exhausting. This is for a frickin’ MEDICATION abortion clinic, y’all. These anti-choicers are EFFING relentless!

So, as always, we gotta be even more relentless!