interruptusThis Tuesday, Congressional Republicans took a brief break from their War on Women to
conduct a more focused War on One Woman–Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood.


The best way to conduct a war is to make sure you outnumber your enemy. Sure enough, the Republicans who control the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee consist of 24 men and exactly one woman (For the record, the 18 Democrats on the Committee include 8 women.) I guess they need to have one woman so that they can translate any coded messages they intercept.


Unfortunately for Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, his secret weapon–a half-assed chart cooked up by an anti-abortion group that he tried to pawn off as being from Planned Parenthood–misfired badly.


Those numbers turned out to be bogus, but at least Chaffetz was able to direct attention to other numbers–like the salary of Cecile Richards. Chaffetz seems to think that Richards is overpaid. Come on, Jason–if they had a man in charge, they’d have to pay him at least 30 percent more.  
To be fair, Republicans on the Committee didn’t force Cecile Richards to earn her salary by explaining anything–every time she tried to speak they interrupted her like so many misogynistic popups. If Cecile Richards was payed by the sentences she was able to complete, she wouldn’t have made minimum wage for this hearing.