Well y’all I don’t wanna say LIFE IS IMITATING ART but: let’s talk about how fucked up healthcare is in this country!

ABC News published a pretty basic (but still appreciated) article today about common myths of birth control. And again, this is truly helpful but also… really feels like these are things you should be able to ask your doctor. 

So WHY aren’t we asking our doctors these things? Well a number of reasons but we think a big one is… that this administration GUTTED Title X and now access to birth control is in even more jeopardy than before. 

And like this great article in NBC News states, the reason so many people need access to Title X clinics and that Title X funding is so valid is that SO MANY PEOPLE LIVE IN “contraceptive deserts” where there is no access to the full range of birth control. These places are already overworked, but this article is example number ONE of how the administration chose a political win (look what we’re doing to STOP abortion) over people’s actual healthcare. 

Also in terms of ACTUAL healthcare and accessibility, here’s a terrific article from Vice about how there’s literally no reason, zero, nada, zip, donut hole for the FDA to be so strict about medication abortion. Abortion is safe! It’s the access that’s causing so many issues! 

The only good thing to come out of the healthcare world this week is all these badass students in California saying “HEY, we need to have ready availability to the abortion pill!”

Maybe college students can save us all from the horrors of health care!