The ugliest face of the anti-abortion movement isn’t necessarily the spittle-bedecked, beet-red face screaming outside the abortion clinic. Sometimes it’s the calm and composed face of the “reasonable” organization that fronts those fruitcakes… and fools respectable media outlets into giving them a platform.

In the twisted, distorted, funhouse mirror world of anti-choice nut-baggery, it’s a given that the more innocuous the name of an organization, the more sick and extreme it’s methods and aims are. After all, these are the people who wrap themselves in the “pro-life” moniker and then proceed to do everything possible to disrupt and demean the lives of others.

So it stands to reason that a group calling itself the warm and fuzzy-sounding “Human Coalition” would be quite possibly the most insidious and nasty bunch out there… at least until there’s an anti-abortion group called the Lollipop Snuggles.

But the Human Coalition website trumpets their true extremism right on their splash page, along with the mandatory ultrasound baby-shape and appeal for donations. They say “We have a vivid hope that abortion will become unthinkable and unavailable in our lifetime. Unite with us in our mission to end the worst holocaust in human history….”  

They claim right on the top of their website “Abortion isn’t a political issue – it’s a human rights Holocaust” and boast about their goal to “remove the stain of abortion from America”–inflammatory language designed to dehumanize and stigmatize anyone who would stand up for a person’s right to control her own destiny.

In the past year alone, the Human Coalition claims to have “reached” over 1.1 million people and “saved” some 6,250 “babies”. The Human Coalition is all about children, alright–in the same way that 19th century factories were all about children. It’s all about ruthlessly exploiting kids to advance their own interests.

But the most insidious way The Human Coalition uses to advance their agenda of lies and misinformation would be to have it come out of the mouths of innocent children. So they set up a bunch of KIDS and asked them ON CAMERA a bunch of loaded questions about abortion like, “If you knew that parents were killing their babies would you save them if you could?” and “would you ever kill your baby?” Thanks for helping with the video, little Timmy–sleep tight!

This chilling and exploitative video is the Human Coalition’s most viewed project on YouTube. What’s even further telling is how this seems to be the only video they’ve disabled the comments on. We wouldn’t want anyone pointing out how disturbingly anti-human this behavior is.

Any slimeball with a camera and a lack of basic empathy can post videos like that to YouTube. What’s shocking is the amount of free column space these monsters are getting in the so-called mainstream media. When they’re not making exploitation flicks, the Human Coalition is spreading its unique brand of hatred in THE NEW YORK FUCKING TIMES!

Yep. Just last week LPJL devoted a whole another takedown to a journalistic train-wreck from Human Coalition national director Lori Szala–blatant abortion-shaming masquerading as socio-economic insight that the Times somehow deemed “fit to print.”

It wasn’t the first time the Times gave the Human Coalition a megaphone to lie into. Earlier this year they printed yet another shoddy op-ed from an HC apparatchik, this one critiquing feminism while lying about women’s attitudes toward abortion and defending Groper-in-Chief Donald Trump!

We live in a society where everyone’s voice can and should be heard. That doesn’t mean that every lying sack of shit needs to be given the imprimatur of the New York Times to spread their word-manure. Especially when the Times doesn’t mention the shadier activities of the sack of shit in question.
It’s bad enough that the Human Coalition exists, but what’s scarier is that it’s getting published on platforms that tend to legitimize their dangerous narratives. There are enough dark corners of the internet for vermin like like the Human Coalition to scurry around in.