An anti-abortion rally AT A FERTILITY CLINC! Y’all this Chicago Tribune article (“As abortion opposition rallies, some activists are taking aim at in vitro fertilization, frozen embryos.”) is a GIFT to us all. We didn’t know we could be so lucky. 

We want to joke that they have truly lost the thread here. I mean, they claim they WANT people to have babies and they are protesting people… desperately trying to get pregnant, desperately hoping their bodies will not betray them. 

But we have to say that this article honestly, does a brilliant job of revealing SOME TRUE, HILARIOUS HYPOCRISIES of the ENTIRE anti-abortion movement. And for that, we truly love it.

“No matter how microscopic and tiny they are, they are still human embryos. They are still alive, no matter how small they are.”

Yes yes yes! We love this quote, because this is truly what they all believe. Whenever they come with the whole “We want to have a reasonable argument” just REMEMBER that they LEGIT BELIEVE that embryos are people. ALL OF THEM. 

But embryos can’t survive outside the body.  WHICH BRINGS US TO POINT TWO! These effers always like to make the argument of like “Well it’s NOT your body, it’s TWO SEPARATE BODIES, look at this DIAGRAM I drew.” But truly… follow that to its logical conclusion. The fetus or embryos CAN’T BECOME A BABY OUTSIDE YOUR BODY… so it still IS your body that becomes necessary and thus YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE.

And now we get to point THREE which is a woman who has IVF completely DESTROYING all anti-abortion arguments: 

She pointed out in a 2015 opinion piece that there was no waiting period, state-mandated counseling or any of the other hurdles women often face before terminating a pregnancy.” 

“IVF is different in that women are seeking to become mothers,” she said in a telephone interview. “Both allow the destruction of an embryo. But only one attracts this vitriol against women who seek it.”

And there you have it, folks. Sean Tipton, spokesman for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, says early in this article that most anti-abortion people don’t like to talk about IVF because they know it’s a point that will lose. But their fucking hysterics lead to SOOO many anti-abortion laws passing.  So what’s the difference? Well, with one you get to shame a woman who DOESN’T want a child. And Tipton’s right, they WOULD lose the IVF argument because everyone would have to grapple with how truly stupid their arguments are.

They want to punish women who don’t follow their narrow view of what a woman is. They want to punish anyone who doesn’t want to just be a body vessel.

 “It’s only a human when it’s inside of someone else’s body” is JUST as ridiculous of an argument as… all their arguments. And believing that throwing out embryos for people who HAVE HAD A VERY HARD TIME GETTING PREGNANT NATURALLY is EQUALLY INSANE. Like, “yes these eggs would not have produced a baby in the body, by doing IVF they have created the MIRACLE OF LIFE that would NOT HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT THE IVF but… IVF IS ALSO A BAD THING.” That’s such a ridiculous argument that … it only makes sense that it came from an anti-choicer.