Just when you thought it was safe to at least put a toe in the water… the water turned into a bunch of anti-abortion judges!

Our friends at the National Institute for Reproductive Health released a thorough report of abortion policies across the nation yesterday. There’s some good news: because of advocates like you the U.S. “enacting the highest number of proactive bills since NIRH started keeping track.” Hooray, of course we should take a second to celebrate all the work so many wonderful, badass, splendiferous, miraculous advocates did to make this kinda momentum possible.

But, like most people living in a post-apocalyptic society, we know that danger is FOREVER LURKING AROUND THE CORNER. Cuz HE’S STILL ELECTING ALL THESE ANTI-ABORTION JUDGES! And Kavanaugh sits atop the highest court in the land, poised to strike against the will of lady justice.

So, much like a post-apocalyptic horror movie (readers, we just watched Bird Box, it’s a whole mood) we’re acting on the defensive, but also constantly aware of a looming threat. Like all of these politicians just trying to be the BIG BOY who writes the bill to make its way to the Supreme Court to overthrow Roe!

But we’ve got the tools to fight back, y’all! And we won’t stop!