We realize this is a RULL clickbait-y headline but we want everyone to find this article and read it, because it is very important! Just read the HEADLINE “My Patient Asked If She'd Be Sentenced to Death for Having an Abortion.” The only note we have: Patient should be PLURAL here! There are a lot of examples in the article! 

Yes, we all cheered when ban after ban got blocked by federal judges! But guess what? Day to day, people aren’t always following what the ACLU is doing. People are just living their effing lives. And so, when they see that something has been passed and turned into law, guess what, THEY BELIEVE IT GOES INTO EFFECT. So they don’t seek care. And that’s exactly what these fuckers want. Pure chaos. They want people to live in fear of abortion and what could happen to them if they have one.

One of the more striking parts of this article is a FUCKING OB/GYN in Ohio told a woman abortion was legal. Um… maybe if you’re a doctor you should… pay attention to what laws are actually in effect. Like, how many people did that OB/GYN tell that to who DIDN’T ask someone else. 

And another striking thing is that people still go to abortion providers and then ask if they will be arrrested. Because AGAIN what have we been saying FOREVER: Abortion bans don’t prevent abortions. They just scare people! They push them to travel more and spend more money. But if someone wants an abortion they WILL get one. And everyone deserves a safe and legal abortion. End of story!