Much of our time is spent mercilessly mocking those who would deny people reproductive rights. But sometimes, oh sometimes, we try to at least like, figure out where they are coming from, place ourselves in their shoes. You know, it’s know fun, but it’s a good way to see all sides of the argument. And let’s just say this week we’ve wanted to scream from the rooftops “Y’all are a bunch of hypocrites.” It’s just… always so blatant. It’s almost impossible to understand the logic, but here we are.

So the other side takes perfectly good Saturdays and Sundays — days you could spend frollicking at the beach, reading a good book, learning Spanish — and uses them walking around holding signs that say people who have abortions are “murderers” and “baby killers.” They go on and on about how important LIFE is, the most sacred thing of all!!! AND YET:


We’re over hypocrites this week and every week. BOY BYE!