Y’all we think we solved abortion rights! We’ve cracked the code to make people suddenly care about it and pay attention. We’ve found a way to make it about the most important thing in the world: Men’s futures! Men’s potential! 

The University of Utah released a study that’s gonna BLOW THE LID OFF abortion rights! You see… abortion ALSO HELPS MEN! **A million mind blown emojis and gifs***

The study followed men whose partner’s got pregnant before the age of 20. If the partner had an abortion, everything about the man’s future improved. LOL we kid but like… it’s mostly true. The graduation from college rate went from 6% if the partner did not terminate the pregnancy to 22% if they did. Income was significantly higher too. 

Look this study just says what we’ve always known. And the other side already commented like “Well, we still think life begins at conception so you literally cannot meet us halfway.” 

And like, this study is fine! People should get to make the best decision for their lives! And there should be more resources in place that will allow people to make the right decision for them. 

Any way let’s see if people care about men’s futures enough to be like “WE MUST MAKE ABORTION ACCESS AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE EVERYWHERE NOW!”