Y’all our least favorite anti-abortion lobbyist/middle part enthusiast Lila Rose (idk I refuse to look up if her name is spelled right, that’s prob right) likes to argue that Planned Parenthood sucks because they “cover up” abuse. They don’t. But we wanted to pop off on her a bit today after this damning and extremely infuriating ThinkProgress article. You see, you know how these anti-abortion assholes are all “we’re not monsters, we allow exceptions for rape”… well turns out, if it dresses like a monster it is in fact a monster, and the rape exception … doesn’t fucking work at all. Turns out, people don’t want to fucking re-live a huge trauma to a bunch of unsympathetic cops. Turns out, the assholes who ask “Why didn’t they report it?” also are just like “Eh, whatever, the cop didn’t believe them.” TURNS OUT, the system is OBVIOUSLY failing victims of assault. But yes, dear Lila, def complain about how PLANNED PARENTHOOD WHICH LITERALLY ONLY OFFERS PEOPLE HELP AND HEALTHCARE, IS THE REAL ENEMY. YES THAT MAKES SO MUCH FUCKING SENSE!

You know we get that the other side has made Planned Parenthood the enemy, at the cost of everything, like, actually helping people, actually being valuable members of society, actually doing good work. And normally.. They’re a huge pain about it. But honestly, nothing has given us a bigger laugh recently than reading this fucking article about how mad they are about a Big Mouth episode.  Love pulling out Hitler references for a fucking… kids cartoon.

Also imagine your state having something on a BALLOT about a Ten Commandments plaque they can’t get a refund on. Congrats, you live in Alabama.

This election is really important, y’all, so get out there and do the right thing.