Here’s the thing, it’s flu season in New York and the subway is a nightmare. Every day we find ourselves moving to avoid a cougher or a sneezer. It feels like we’re trapped in the petri dish of disease and as empathetic as we try to be, it’s hard not to glare at someone who just like, can’t stop coughing. But never, in this time, in all this sickness, have we thought “Hey, we wish these people didn’t have access to healthcare!”

Honestly, because, to have that viewpoint, is truly insane. To actively exist in a world with people… and to not care about their health… is insane. It’s unconscionable. And that is literally, how anti-choicers exist in the world!

Enter these three scary initiatives in Alabama, West Virginia… AND OREGON! YES OREGON CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! In Oregon it’s that situation where you begin to neglect something because it’s just always been a constant for you (**kinda like Michigan in 2016) and then BOOM EVERYTHING IS GARBAGE NOW! So, while it’s a longshot, it’s also a good wakeup call, don’t sleep on how callous people will be in order to pay like, 20 dollars less on their taxes.

But like, let's think about this for a second, what kind of person would honestly be like “Hmm, I see this person desperately in need of healthcare… and I’m about to steal $20 from them.” A MANIAC! That’s who!

But that’s like… in essence, what these West Virginia and Alabama constitutional amendments are. They state that the Constitution DOESN’T give people a right to an abortion. Isn’t there a better use of your fucking time than deciding what rights PEOPLE DON’T HAVE. I mean, we read every day about the ways politicians are trying to take money away from their constituents in order to seem tough on abortion. And honestly… BETTER USE YOUR FUCKING TIME! That’s what this all comes down to. Instead of finding loopholes in Medicare and Medicaid so that you know, they don’t do the job that Medicare and Medicaid are FOR, MAYBE JUST IMPROVE YOUR STATE! MAYBE INCREASE JOBS IN YOUR STATE! MAYBE DO SOMETHING LEGIT TO HELP YOUR STATE!

If you find anyone who wants to vote for one of these ASK THEM THIS how many homeless people do they pass, freezing or hungry in the street,  on their way to vote yes on an amendment that “protects the unborn”???