It’s the year 2018 and we can’t believe this needs saying but: scientists know more than you about science. Yes, you probably took some science classes in school. Yes, you experience real-life science every day when you breathe in and out or go outside or digest food. Yes, maybe you’ve read a bunch of conspiracy blogs. But still, REAL FUCKING SCIENTISTS WHO HAVE GONE TO SCHOOL TO GET THEIR PHD AND MADE THIS THEIR LIFE KNOW MORE THAN YOU.

For example, read this article from Science magazine. We’ll wait.

Did you do it? Did you get through it? Did you give up halfway when you didn’t know a word and then go to Twitter? We wouldn’t judge you… because science is hard. But you know what science should not be: fucking political. All these scientists are trying to do is HELP and (oh yeah if you read the article you’d know why this relates to abortion but if not, cuz it was long, we’re getting there) a bunch of anti-choice zygote loving, fetus-obsessives are deciding to HALT the progress of science all because they think… we don’t know, that fetal tissue SHOULDN’T be used to better our society but SHOULD in fact  just go in the ground?!? And because of this we might not find a cure to HIV.

And we just can’t with this shit. You are not fucking scientists. Honestly, if this is about the dignity of the fetus, is there no greater good than helping other people and furthering society? Isn’t it, in fact, sort of beautiful that we can use fetal tissue to help save tons of people? To find cures? To move society forward?

And even if you don’t 100% feel that way… how are you going to argue that we SHOULDN’T find a cure to HIV?

AND SPEAKING OF EXPERTS! Let’s read this quote from a judge in Oklahoma saying there SHOULD be a 72-hour waiting period for abortions.

“After weighing the expert testimony offered by both parties, the court holds that HB 1409 furthers a valid and legitimate state interest in protecting the patient and that it does not unduly burden or place a substantial obstacle in the path of a woman’s right to choose.”

Oh dip, really???? REALLY???? You heard BOTH SIDES? The RIGHT side (our side) arguing there is NO SCIENTIFIC reason for this other to shame pregnant people and the OTHER side arguing that they’re HELPING people by making them go through needless bureaucracy… and you arrived at “IDK, seems fine.” REALLY?  What could possibly be valid about making people wait THREE DAYS to have an abortion? Here’s what happened here the judge listened to the doctors say there’s no reason for this and then she listened to… like some fools say “We’re trying to PROTECT women by making them just wait around forever.” And she listened to the fools.

Scientists and doctors are ACTIVELY (mostly) not fools. When they’re good, they’re supposed to be impartial. And… they know, there’s no reason to make people wait 72-hours other than cruelty.

Listen to the scientists.