SHOCKER! It turns out that a group whose only function is to deceive pregnant people is also scamming state taxpayers.

The scammers are a “pro-life” (*cough* anti-choice) bunch called “Real Alternatives,” and scammees are the people of Pennsylvania. Real Alternatives has managed to rip them off almost a million dollars… of money that conservative PA politicians were throwing at Real Alternatives to fund their lies to pregnant people. Oh, and now the thieves are suing the state!

How did this shit-swirl start? Real Alternatives is an organization behind a bunch of CPC’s, Crisis Pregnancy Centers – fake clinics that masquerade as abortion providers so that they can lure in women who are seeking abortion services and lie and intimidate them out of it. Shitty yes, but shittier still is the fact that dozens of states actually pay CPC’s to perpetrate this fraud. Pennsylvania is one of them.

And it seems that Real Alternatives wasn’t satisfied with that scam–now they’re accused of skimming the money that PA was dumb enough to give them. Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale says the group was using a 3 percent fee on subcontractors and some shady accounting to skim state funds–about $906,000 of the more than $30 million that Pennsylvania is giving them in a five-year contract.

Get this–when state officials asked Real Alternatives to open their books for an audit of the public funds that they had been entrusted with, the assholes sued the state to prevent the audit! DePasquale said “The idea that any organization receiving public funds would hide behind the courts to keep taxpayers in the dark makes my blood boil,” adding that this is the only time he’s ever been sued for conducting an audit.

Now there’s a petition demanding that Pennsylvania cut its ties with these scamsters. The $30 million grant from PA’s Department of Human Services expires on June 30, 2017. Sign the petition and put an end to what the State Auditor calls “Real Alternatives’ illegal and secretive skimming of public tax dollars.”

It should be no shock that the people who occupy your uterus also want to get into your wallet!