Sometimes, we’re like “All the women, who independent, throw your hands up at me!” And feeling like just, you know, bad bitches, living our best lives. 

But… not lately. You see, as y’all pack up to travel this Independence Day we DO want you to have a bit of a break. Because oh boy, has the news been punishing lately. But also take some time to think about those people who do not get to have a break who do not have their independence. COUGH COUGH COUGH THE PEOPLE AT THE BORDER COUGH COUGH COUGH WE WILL NOT STOP TALKING ABOUT IT.

There’s a famed Brian Stelter (CNN correspondent) tweet (since deleted we believe) where he said “We’re not ‘a few steps away from The Handmaid’s Tale.’ I don’t think this kind of fear-mongering helps anyone.” And as much as we LOVE to dunk on a guy who TELLS US TO CALM DOWN AND THEN IS PROVEN WRONG… man, was he proven wrong.

The big story that has us fuming today (TW: rape) is this Times report about a judge who…. Oh boy, buckle up… came from a good family, would probably get into a good school… and FILMED HIMSELF RAPING A GIRL AND CONFESSED TO IT.  “Prosecutors, the judge said, should have explained to the girl and her family that pressing charges would destroy the boy’s life.” OK so… EVEN WHEN IT IS LITERALLY FUCKING FILMED, THAT’S NOT ENOUGH. OUR BODIES AREN’T WORTH A BOY’S HYPOTHETICAL FUTURE???? REALLY? REALLY?  REALLY??????

Maybe take a break from the news for a few days, practice self care, and remember, you are important. Your body autonomy is important. You are valuable. Your safety is valuable. You deserve better than this. We all do.