OK dokey well another day, another politician not being able to answer the question about abortion. We wanted to highlight a great article in Slate that explains the kinda traps Democrats are falling in when talking about abortion. Because, it is very clear that anti-choicers are gonna make their big 2020 rallying cry “Democrats want to kill infants.” Which… I mean… really? This is where we’re AT????? Right now??? In 2019?? When we all can just google things???

But we are. And like, we’d hope that it wasn’t going to work but… look where we’re at. I mean, we thought the last thing wasn’t gonna work and then everyone was wrong and we just have four years of it. So… let’s tallk about “abortion until birth.” WHICH IS, SAY IT WITH ME, NOT A THINGGGG!

Now, here’s the thing, 700 Democrats currently running for president: we don’t ask that much of you. Like, in an ideal world you would know that there are all these heartbeat bills going through states now and that “abortion reversal” is another bullshit lie they’re pushing and that “admitting privelleges” is a TRAP that anti-choicers set to make it so that clinics have to close and that crisis pregnancy centers are fake clinics and they insidiously trick pregnant people. It’d be great if you knew all that, and some of you do.

And like, we do appreciate that you say this is a decision that should be made between the patient and their doctor (we could add that for some people it is not a decision but a necessity… but, we still appreciate your answer).

But here’s the thing, you can’t just BLANKET statement that for EVERY question about abortion. Because that’s how they’re trying to get you and honestly, shame on you for falling for it because the anti-choice zygote lovers are NOT smart or strategic about it. You’re just being lazy.

Enter the Bernie Sanders moment from this article. Look, my man, we are not trying to pick on you, lots of people have made this mistake. But when they push “abortion until birth” we have to vehemently push back that this is a LIE. That there are NO “abortions until birth” that it is CRUEL to suggest otherwise. It is not a “rare” thing… it is a nonexistent lie. And the abortions that do happen after 24 weeks, are NOT from people just changing their mind (and that is ALSO a cruel lie to perpetuate) they are from people who have learned HEARTBREAKING, LIFE-ALTERING, DEVASTATING news about their fetus. And shame on the anti-abortion movement for turning these people’s lives into their sick talking points.

We need to be strong now. We need to shut this down. Or we will keep hearing about it.