Here’s a sentence we read online today: “Eighteen men and boys grinned and posed behind a gravestone in a small Ontario town on Nov. 2.

Look, we all had an emo phase. But we didn’t have a “let’s build a monument to the unborn” phase like these creeps. Also, it is so telling that this was all men and boys. Like, they are so effing mad they can’t control us and everything we do anymore! They are SOOO mad that we can DECIDE not to fuck them. They are SO mad that we get to decide what to do with our bodies. 

The Knights of Columbus (a fraternity that includes some very powerful men who did some truly awful things) are the worst goths in the world. That’s what we are saying.

Also this Ohio “even fertilized eggs should be buried” bill is the perfect example of how these fools wanted to be AFI (here’s a picture so you get this joke) so badly. It’s funny cuz they like, really don’t want women, trans men, or nonbinary people to slip through and get ANY rights so it leads to them writing NONSENSE like this: “expulsion or extraction from its mother of a product of conception which shows no evidence of life after the expulsion or extraction.” One, fun use of the Thesaurus. TWO this is for miscarriages too you fucking dumbasses. Just every part of this like… y’all are bad goths. You are obsessed with what goes on inside our bodies. And like we said on Operation Save Abortion, this may just sound bad and invasive but it also is trying to set a DANGEROUS precedent for personhood. Creepy and dangerous … the anti-abortion way of life.

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