Local elections, my friends, are so important. We know you know this, we know that you all voted (YOU BETTER HAVE ALL VOTED) but… we just need to reiterate it. Cuz the baddies on the state level… can be RULLL bad. Like, bad on a level that if anyone else did it you’d be like “Are you a legit villain?” Enter Oklahoma state senator Joseph Silk who wants to make “abortion” akin to homicide. And according to NewsOK the law stipulates that it MUST be enforced “regardless of any contrary or conflicting federal statutes, regulations, executive orders, or court decisions.”

Um… can you MAKE a law that says you don’t have to obey other laws?? Seems kinda… ridiculous. Seems like this guy will one day make a law that’s like “If Joseph Silk drives drunk, it’s not a DUI.” Honestly, props to this NewsOK writer who pairs this law with another proposed bill that would it legal to carry a gun without a license. Real cool priorities, guys.

This kinda nonsense leads to a Kansas man trying to argue that “life begins at conception” so the 15-year-old he was accused of raping was ACTUALLY 16 and therefore the age of consent. This story is ultimately just very sad, but but but… it does kinda show how ridiculous the idea that life begins at conception is. But we know no one on the other side will care about it because they only care about young women when they’re trying to pass bullshit bathroom bans AND NEVER when they’re actually raped.

And well, we’re sorry to have taken this to such a dark place. Hey, some good news: New York might not have a shitty, archaic abortion law soon!

That didn’t make you feel better? Well… that’s 2018.