For years I thought it was enough to occasionally make time for reproductive rights issues. I would escort at a clinic from time to time or do a benefit for a provider here and there. I thought I was putting in enough to make a difference.

But it seemed like we were moving backwards fast. So I started doing more benefits, and spent more time talking to doctors and clinic workers & I learned that providers often feel abandoned. They are providing care, day in and day out, battling protesters and an extremist activist machine that relentlessly churns out disinformation, leading to terrifying legislation and worse, terrifying harm to the clinics and their staffs. They provide amazing services we all used, and then we moved on, leaving them alone to defend themselves.

I was like, “Wait- there isn’t a single organization in the pro choice movement dedicated to morale boosting for the clinic workers?” Someone should start an organization dedicated full time to calling out all the dangerous lies!”

It was a glaring omission, especially when you juxtapose it to the well funded propaganda industrial complex created by anti choice extremists whose only job is to create ways to destroy access to birth control and abortion.


Then I realized. “I” am someone and I could do something.

That is when I decided to form The Lady Parts Justice League.

I had a platform and a voice and had been using humor to call out bullshit anyway, why not inject that with steroids by forming a messaging hub filled with my most talented friends and colleagues.

I wanted to form a creative juggernaut that has the ability to start firing back with the same relentless, fearless and unapologetic messaging we see from the anti choice zealots.

I wanted the doctors and clinic workers to feel they were not alone, and I wanted them to be able to provide comfort and care, knowing that those of us who have received that care, would take over the role of defenders and champions.

That is the work we do everyday.

Lady Parts Justice League is a small production team that combines grassroots activism, comedy and satire as a way to spread the word and raise people’s consciousness about the creeps who keep getting creepier.

We are an important component that needs as much help as we can get to grow and go toe to toe with the dark forces that have had years to organize and grow.

We are making a difference and would love you to help us play catch-up so the truth will take center stage and the agents of deceit with be roundly discredited with righteous humor.

On this eve of #GivingTuesday, we ask for your support. That can mean your skills, your time and always, your treasure.

We are willing to do the heavy lifting, can you pitch in to help?

We guarantee a laugh, everyday.