#ShoutYourAbortion has been trending on social media. It’s about women sharing the stories of their abortion, helping to destigmatize the procedure and letting others know how common it is. Helpful, right? Totally. You know what’s not helpful? Trolls attacking people who are sharing their stories. And that’s what’s happening!

There’s an upside here. A Is For co-founder Martha Plimpton, Margaret Cho, along with Lindy West & Amelia Bonow (originators of the hashtag), took a tip from Jimmy Kimmel’s playbook and read some of the VERY mean tweets attacking #ShoutYourAbortion. And they were a hoot! They were called all kinds of murderers, racists, Hitler, fat, old, ugly–ya know, the classics. Someone told a black woman she was “more racist than Jim Crow,” while another charmer with the moniker “Thomas Jefferson” made remarks about ownership of her body. That’s always fun. Slave-owner references while talking about owning people’s bodies. On top of being called all those lovely things–there was death threat after death threat! These ladies should be “exterminated” and “executed!” That pro-life stance is just so gosh-darned inclusive.