It’s Thanks Birth Control Day! You’ll know we love birth control here! I mean we literally give out free Plan B at our show! We love Plan A B and C here! And we support you in your reproductive rights decisions!

What we don’t love FIRST THINGS FIRST is this Femm app which purports to be for tracking your period (dope, totally great) but is actually NOT DOPE NOT TOTALLY GREAT but an anti-birth control sham! The ONLY pregnancy prevention the app offers is not genital contact. And lolol, we have to say calling it “genital contact” IS a good way to make me not want to do it. Watch our new VIDEO explaining just how gross this app is. THEN take action either by leaving a review (more info here) or coming to our rally next week if you live in New York! 

While we got you here, a couple quick hits for today!

Hmmm looks like this administration forgot to prevent all immigrant minors from having abortions! We guess they’re… kinda busy. We could choose to be afraid that they have something sinister in mind and that they purposely missed the deadline “ to file a petition to have the Court review an appeals court decision blocking the policy while a lawsuit challenging it proceeds.” We honestly… just assume they forgot.  

Speaking of literally no one asked you… the vote on if you should have to go with your parent to a fucking notary to get an abortion in Florida… is on hold. We’d not mention this case in limbo except for this very funny description of protesters “a score of students in pink T-shirts and dyed hair signed up to speak on each.” Love it. That sounds like us.

And finally, another anti-abortion person compared abortion to slavery and we just want to always mention it because this is what they all believe! It’s time to stop pretending this is a fringe thing. It’s who they are! 

Anyway text your ex that it’s “ThxBirthControl Day” and that you’re very happy you’re not stuck talking to his broke ass for life!