After Donald Trump signed a bill into law that allowed states to deny Title X funding to family-planning centers that provide abortion, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake held a town hall where he tried to defend his support for the bill. And he got confronted by a 16-year-old girl who delivered a TOTAL SMACKDOWN.

You can watch it here, but the girl’s ass-kickery is too epic not to show in its entirety. Here’s what she said in full:

“Jeff Flake, my name is Deja Foxx and I'm a 16-year-old from Tucson. began. I just want to state some facts. So, I'm a young woman, and you're a middle-aged man. I'm a person of color, and you're white. I come from a background of poverty, and I didn't always have parents to guide me through life. You come from privilege, so, I'm wondering, as a Planned Parenthood patient and someone who relies on Title X, who you are clearly not, why it's your right to take away my right to choose Planned Parenthood and to choose no-co-pay birth control, to access that. So, if you can explain that to me, I would appreciate it.”

Game. Set. Match.

But Flake flustered back with some flakery about not being privileged and “What I want is to make sure that everyone can realize the American dream.” So right. He was saying “HIT ME ONE MORE TIME.” And Deja Foxx shot him back down with “Why would you deny me the American dream?” AND THE CROWD GOES NUTS!

It was a beautiful moment, but the actions that led up to it are typically ugly. H.J. Res 43 is  supported by Flake and was signed into law by Trump the very day that Deja out Foxxed Flake.  The bill allows states to deny Title X funding for things like cancer screenings and birth control to any organization or health care center that also provides abortion services.

The Title X program serves 36,000 people (the vast majority being poor women) just in Flakes’ state of Arizona, according to the Phoenix New Times. The Arizona Family Health Program estimates that, without Title X, the teen pregnancy rate in Arizona would increase by 22 percent while the rates of pregnancy, unplanned birth, and abortion would go up 27 percent.
What kind of Flake would want that sort of thing to happen? Senator Jeff Flake is rated at 100 percent by the National Right to Life Committee and 0 percent by NARAL, the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League. SHEROS like Deja Foxx get a 100% rating from LPJL!