It’s no secret clinics face a lot of shit, day-to-day. Imagine going to work every day only to be yelled at and called names by an old man with a beard, and apparently tons of free time, or a mean-faced woman who invented being judgmental. Imagine spending all day helping people and making their lives better only to… again be faced with ridicule as you exit the doors.

Imagine if your job was constantly threatened, by people in power at all levels of government. Imagine that you see every day, the amazing impact your work has on people, and yet somehow, you’re constantly being told that it’s bad work and you’re going to hell.

We think it’s ridiculous that clinic workers aren’t told they matter – Every. Single. Day. We think clinic workers should be praised and rewarded for all they do, all the time. So this holiday season LPJL has created an “Adopt a Clinic” program, to show clinics we care. We’ve partnered with several organizations to donate blankets, underwear, heating pads, and more to clinics who need them!

Do you want to help us make some clinic’s holidays a little brighter? Well, you and a group of your friends can “Adopt a Clinic” by emailing our volunteer outreach coordinator: Just remember to reach out because clinics don’t accept any gifts or packages from people they don’t know. WANNA KNOW WHY? Oh yeah, it’s because when they get suspicion packages they have to contact the police because they could contain bombs!

If you wanna help out by donating a blanket or sweatpants, then consider coming out to our Love Actually event, December 9th! Here’s the info where you can sign up to donate!

AND FINALLY if you can’t make the event, here are a few wish lists that you can donate to:

Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund Amazon Wish List

Affiliated Medical Services Amazon Wish List

Women's Health Center of West Virginia Amazon Wish List

Thank you all for helping us help clinics!