Have you been hearing about Title X in the last week? If so, congrats, you work in reproductive rights. If not, well, we understand, kinda. After all there was the election last week! And also the Jeff Session news! And… oh god it feels like that was all a million years ago.

Truthfully, we think the Trump administration did kinda try to bury the announcement that they WERE going to include hormonal birth control in their Title X grants. They prob hoped the anti-choice extremists, who are so mad about stem cell research that they’d rather everyone gets Alzheimer’s than scientists do their jobs, wouldn’t find out about it. But they’re your base, my friend, so you’re stuck with them, regardless of how annoying they are.

So back to Title X, it’s family planning funding for people who need it. It’s one of those beautiful things that should only be good and helpful but that gets dragged through the mud by political grandstanding until it… can’t help patients anymore. Literally the quest to remove Planned Parenthood from government funding has caused irrevocable damage throughout the United States, but sure guys, keep trying to do it. MAYBE IT WILL WORK OUT THIS TIME AND YOU WON’T END UP FUCKING OVER GENERATIONS OF FAMILIES.

Title X is still in jeopardy, with a *domestic gag rule* -esque plan that could go into place next year. We need you to start caring now and to check what places in your community the gov says you can go to for family planning… and which are, we kid you not, actually just dentist offices.

Here to explain to you what we stand to lose if we lose QUALITY title X funding is our own, Sarah Hartshorne:

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