By now you saw the TWEET about the failed Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. Y’all if they could get ANY more treacly in their language they’d be fucking candy cane gumdrop men. Here is a thing we can all agree on: if a baby is born into the world a doctor should do everything possible to keep the baby alive and in no pain. Literally, everyone agrees on that. People who DON’T AGREE with that, break the law. A law that… already exists.

“The bill maligns and vilifies providers and patients to push a false narrative about abortion later in pregnancy,” said Dr. Kristyn Brandi. And honestly, right on.

It’s SUCH a ridiculously obvious political move we can’t even get over how brazen they are. It would literally be the rarest possible thing for this to happen today. But the other side is gonna pretend like by not voting for this we are PRO killing toddlers or something. Which is INSANE!

But this story shouldn’t overshadow the OTHER big, terrible thing to come out this week which is the final Title X restrictions. Real quick here’s what Title X is supposed to be for: family planning. Here’s what these restrictions are for: political pandering.

The idea that this money couldn’t even go to people who REFER people for abortions is SO OFFENSIVE. It’s saying that abortion is not an option. It’s one of these “death by 100 cuts” of Roe.

Check out our video about how ridiculous these Title X regulations are and share it like a mofo.  In order to stick it to Planned Parenthood, the administration is just hurting ACTUAL clinics and rewarding… fake clinics, and that means really hurting the people who need Title X services the most.

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