Well y’all, we’ve been working on #ExposeFakeClinics for going on three years now and… honestly sometimes these clinics just, expose themselves. Or rather, the Houston Chronicle does a lot of great investigative work and just continually shows that the Heidi Group is a complete scam fake clinic chain that has no capacity to treat the patients it says it could AND also has been misusing funds and ALSO couldn’t be Planned Parenthood if it fucking tried. And now they have to pay back 1.5 million to Texas. VINDICATED! HIGH FIVE! We did it! Exposed!

Except ok, now that we’ve stopped dancing we have to say THIS DOESN’T ACTUALLY FEEL GOOD. Because all this means is that Texas women and people seeking care WERE royally screwed. Again. 

So we want this Heidi Group case to be a lesson to EVERYONE and it’s a bummer because we KNOW it won’t be. Hypocrites say they’re trying all these ways to defund PP or cut access to abortion but they’ll STILL GIVE PEOPLE CARE, guys. But they’re fucking not. And even if they discover two years later they’re not… the damage has been done. All these laws, even if they get rectified, are damage done. Even if a ban gets blocked, damaged done. We can be excited that people figured it out, but think of all the people hurt before they did!