There are in fact, too many rules when it comes to getting an abortion. Get rid of all the rules! Get rid of everything that purposely is used to shame patients! Get rid of all the loopholes that exist because some effing nuns want to employ people but don’t want to give them any healthcare! GET RID OF IT ALL!

This was our feeling reading this article about California! See California requires insurance providers to cover abortion and this administration DOES NOT LIKE THAT. Here’s the thing, as someone who has had to go through ten million loopholes to get my insurance to cover preventative care, I think we can all safely say: INSURANCE IS AN EFFING NIGHTMARE AND IF YOU ARE GIVING PEOPLE INSURANCE MAYBE DON’T TRY TO BE LIKE “THIS IS ALL THE STUFF WE WANT TO RESTRICT!”  

We thought about it again with Florida’s new parental consent bill and Utah’s new extra ultrasound bill. Here’s thing thing, fine, we don’t agree but so Florida HAD a parental notification law. It exists. And THEN they just passed this “parental consent” law. And… WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE THE JUSTIFICATION FOR THIS! You took a rule and made a separate, HARDER RULE. WHY MORE RULES? If you are actively saying that the parents should be consulted because that’s helping the pregnant person and then years later are like “OK what if we add… another rule” … you are ridiculous. You are just arguing for cruelty and hurdles to jump over. And you are also wasting valuable legislative time. 

And that’s also what this new Utah “you are required to show the ultrasound and also play the ‘heartbeat’ for the patient” bill is. It’s already a thing that doctors are required to give patients the option of looking at their ultrasound. If you think it’s “SO IMPORTANT” for patients to have “ALL THE INFO” (lolol) then them being given the options SHOULD be enough. It’s almost like… everything anti-abortion people argue is disingenuous and they don’t care about patients at all. HMMMM!

All these restrictions and rules are bullshit. And we’ll end by just saying; hey, the abortion pill should be cheaper and more easily available for people who need it!