Y’all we are still thinking about Michelle Williams because she is STILL showing up in our news stories with anti-abortion d-bags becoming HYSTERICAL. “Michelle Williams thanks God for abortion; pro-life women respond: Babies worth more than trophies” AND “Michelle Williams and the over-normalization of abortion.” They JUST HATE the idea that anyone could be successful and also have had an abortion. It flies in the face of every lie they’re trying to tell the world!

And honestly, we didn’t even necessarily read Michelle Williams’ speech as 400% confirmation that she DID have an abortion, just that she believes that her pregnancy was a choice she made and everyone deserves theirs. But … that didn’t stop them from making this deranged pic of a knob-knee mom standing next to Michelle with her trophy. WHO REALLY ONE HERE? The lady who didn’t have her knees drawn by this mean-ass artist! That’s who!  

We know Michelle wasn’t trying to troll… but man, what a beautiful consequence. Michelle normalizes abortion, says that people should vote for choice, anti-abortion people throw a FULL BLOWN FIT for a week. What will the OSCARS hold????

Anyway a quick rundown of news this week!