Did you start the day breaking four cinder blocks in a fury? Cuz we did! Because we got some breaking news: the Supreme Court decided NOT to hear an abortion case out of Kentucky! WITH NO EXPLANATIONS! And that means… a barbaric, disgusting anti-abortion law is GOING INTO EFFECT. ~*~*~*~ FLAME HEAD ANGER FROM INSIDE OUT SURGES IN MY BRAIN~*~*~

The shitstorm started in 2017 when Garbage Gov Matt Bevin gleefully sauntered it into law. Thankfully Kentucky ushered his ass out the door last month but not before he did some permanent damage on the state. 

So what fresh hell DID Kentucky wrought with this bill? Well, doctors MUST show patients seeking an abortion an ultrasound and they must describe it to them. They MUST play the fetal cardiac pole sound. 

Also this bill has the FUN NEW (read: terrible, ancient) trend of not including exceptions for rape victims.

And here is where we… want to Hulk out and smash everything. Kentucky has said this law: “does nothing more than require that women who are considering an abortion be provided with information that is truthful, non-misleading and relevant to their decision of whether to have an abortion.”


How fucking CONDESCENDING. How about the person in the room to get an abortion HAS ALREADY DECIDED. How about you be fucking CLEAR that this law is to trick them. It’s not to GIVE THEM INFORMATION. It’s to try to force them to have an emotional reaction. It’s torture. It’s torturing someone who has made a decision. It’s saying your decision isn’t important. It’s saying there’s a WAY YOU SHOULD FEEL about an abortion. It’s cruel. And it’s unethical. And THIS KIND OF LAW is shameful. Not getting an abortion.