In case you needed proof that voting has consequences (and if you do we’d firmly suggest you fucking wake up and smell the coffee by this point), the immediate effects of West Virginia are like a caffeine-boost of terrible to inject into your veins.

So in West Virginia a frickin’ amendment to their constitution that said,, “Nothing in this Constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires funding of abortion.” So someone in cum-stained sweatpants waxed philosophically about what “rights” even mean and voted yes and now… WEST VIRGINIA IS OUT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF MEDICAID DOLLARS. The ballot measure prohibits Medicaid funding to abortion and now West Virginia clinics need to cover the $350,000 in Medicaid funding they are losing.

And this measure passed… by fucking 52%… that’s it! That’s such a small margin! And now REAL PREGNANT HUMAN BEINGS will have their lives affected. FUCKING VOTE GUYS, EVERY TIME!

We’re gonna keep yelling about this until they raise all the money, but for today, we’re trying to help by participating in the Taco or Beer (well, today, empanadas) day in solidarity with West Virginia clinics. Take a picture of yourself drinking a beer or eating a taco, share it on social media, then DONATE DONATE DONATE to West Virginia Abortion Funds! #TacoOrBeerChallenge