Starbucks just got out its Pumpkin Spice Latte dust from storage so you know what time it is!   That’s right it’s “Try to Defund Planned Parenthood Exclusively For Your Own Political Benefit” season. On a federal level, Rand Paul’s completely lackluster attempt to defund Planned Parenthood through something that every publication called a “poison pill” didn’t pass. BUT it did its dirty work and drummed up the base before primaries. Gross!

Look, when it’s the bottom of the ninth and your team is down, of course you’re gonna pull some nonsense like this, but … also, be better. And voters, do not fall for it. Because what pushing to defund Planned Parenthood really means is “I don’t care how many pregnant people die. I care about myself.”

Like in Tennessee where they wrote the law specifically targeting abortion providers TOO damn broad and now are hurtingany organization that provides more than 50 abortions a year.” Honestly, we want to be in the room with the idiots who were like “IDK how many should we say a place is allowed to provide… like 50? Well, there are 47 of us and we each have a mistress so… yeah, just to be safe.”

Like in Pennsylvania where “I’m gonna defund Planned Parenthood” is some kinda rallying cry if you’re running for governor.

Like in South Carolina, which has legit one of the highest infant mortality rates in the country. So here it’s also literally… I don’t care how many babies die, as long as I can stick it to Planned Parenthood. And the MAN governor pushing for it had the nerve to call ALL THE HEALTHCARE that you get as a young uterus-haver as “preconception care.” Men, we KNOW you just consider us good for nothing baby vessels, but maybe DON’T BE SO BLATANT ABOUT IT.

So just like you won’t be tricked by Starbucks into believing its fall (It’s legit 96 degrees here today), don’t let your friends be tricked by these obvious tactics. Defund political power plays!