We’re going to be like literally all your friends and reference The Good Place. The question, indeed, is, “What we owe to each other.”

It will, quite frankly, never shock us to see the kinda hoops people jump through to get mad at EVERYONE ELSE for not defending our troops. And then the kinda hoops they’ll jump through to say “Well, wait, not in this instance.”

This Veteran’s Day and every Veteran’s Day we here at LPJL honor our troops by reminding you that… the government makes it really hard for them to get BASIC medical care (over there when their lives are at risk and at home). It would seem we definitely, owe each other more.

And in Texas, where the government is trying to outlaw the SAFEST second-trimester abortion procedure, we could ask the same question. I mean, we get that y’all hate abortion and everything you do is a not-so-veiled attempt to undermine it… but… are you really starting to just blatantly show how little you care about the pregnant people… ALL THE TIME. You’re becoming like that Nathan Lane speech in The Birdcage, but in real life. Maybe we owe each other more than performing unnecessary (and more dangerous) medical procedures on people.

And we CERTAINLY owe the people of Puerto Rico more. We love how much this politician played herself in trying to get a 48-hour waiting period AND a 20-week ban passed at the same time. Lady, even the idiots HERE know that you gotta split them up. 48-hours, we want to restate, is just… SO MUCH TIME. FOR NO REASON. It’s so obviously a cruel trick, and we’re glad that people are starting to see the emperor has no clothes. Now! More people donate to Puerto Rico. They still need it.