Y’all, we’re about to pop off. We should’ve have read this fucking Atlantic article today, it was too much for our already fragile hearts. The Kavanaugh hearing, it seems is really mobilizing people. Yes, good people, people standing up and believing survivors and demanding a better justice system and making voices heard. But also… also… according to the Atlantic … it is ALSO mobilizing… conservative woman. Who feel so bad at how people are treating Kavanaugh.







Oh sorry, that’s just us repeatedly banging our head against the computer. FUCK THAT! Fuck women hating other women. Don’t fucking be like this!!! There’s NO honor in defending bad men. Like, even if you think a man is being falsely accused (and girl, are you blind as a fucking bat, do you REALLY think that the Democrats are smart enough to orchestrate EVERYONE from your school coming forward and saying you were a dickhead… I mean… we can’t even win presidential elections), you still don’t have any right to be FURIOUS.

This is just another reminder that people think women should be held accountable for everything and men for nothing. If you wore the wrong dress, well then, you were really asking for it, and now you want to RUIN A MAN’S LIFE? YOU WERE THE ONE WHO BOUGHT THAT DRESS! And this was so long ago why is it coming out now… BUT ALSO WHY DON’T YOU HAVE A PERFECT MEMORY OF A THING THAT HAPPENED 36 YEARS AGO?

And we’ve said this before but we’ll say it again, people are ACTUALLY fucking arguing that a violent crime committed in high school shouldn’t “ruin a man’s life.” BUT BUT BUT they also will argue that if you get pregnant in high school… well, that’s a responsibility you have to live with. You absolutely have to let it ruin your life. Men are allowed to make mistakes. Women aren’t. They’re just accessories to a man’s success.

A lot of people are saying “Vote” as the answer to all this and… sure, voting is incredible important. FUCKING VOTE, duh. But also… don’t let them get away with this. Don’t let them rest. Get angry. Get loud. And GET RELENTLESS. If they say some dumb shit at church, fucking yell at them at church. If it’s a friend’s wedding and her racist aunt starts some shit, fucking ruin the wedding for her. There is no “decorum” anymore. They lost the right to exist in a cordial society when they said shit like this “[Her] glasses were filthy and oversized, she looked scared and frazzled, [and] she refused to fix her hair caught in her glasses.” They don’t deserve a night out at a fancy restaurant. They don’t deserve nice plays or dance recitals. Fight them relentlessly. Let them know that their viewpoints need to be eradicated, erased, that people like them have no place in a functioning society.

And never stop.

And if you need some motivation, we suggest reading Good and Mad by Rebecca Traister.