For as long as there has been Medicaid there have been… people not quite able to qualify for Medicaid shaming people who do. You know how we all heard that JK Rowling story about how she is happy to pay higher taxes now because she was receiving government assistance before and her country provided for her so now she’s providing for it. And you know how we all cried. THIS IS ALL TO SAY YOU FUCKING HEARTLESS MONSTERS NEED TO STOP TRYING TO MESS WITH MEDICAID MONEY!

Honestly, if we could just privately decide where we wanted our taxpayer money to go, you better believe we’d be asking to please stop spending our hard-earned money on weapons. What we WOULDN’T be doing is asking the MOTHER FUCKING SUPREME COURT to make sure none of our money went to people’s healthcare through Planned Parenthood! And we’re gonna pull our eyeballs out if we have to read Brett Kavanaugh sucking his own dick trying to say that he’s been “so compassionate” to citizens by not forcing them against their will (the IRONY) to pay for abortions. And we’d say for the millionth time that FEDERAL MONEY can’t go to abortion so these anti-abortion extremists trying to like, make sure a penny from their money doesn’t go to Planned Parenthood for someone’s cervical cancer screening which happened the SAME DAY as an abortion there need to… read a fucking book.

Everyone just… read a fucking book. OK. DAMMIT! And vote. Please vote.