This “born alive” thing is honestly, getting so out of hand we can’t even deal with it. It’s the ultimate straw man legislation and it is disgustingly obvious and cruel and it SEEMS TO BE CATCHING ON which is insane. Honestly, we’d be like “OK bros, whatever deal with this for now if it will distract you from the cardiac pole bills for a sec.” BUT THEY ARE DOING TWO THINGS AT ONCE. Which honestly, seems like a real mixed messaging. Like, they want people to think “Full grown baby” at the same time they hear “6 week.” But… what we have to say in general… is don’t look up a pic of a six-week fetus. Like… it’s not what you want to see.

So there’s a “Born Alive” bill in Alabama being introduced now (modeled after Texas, which, you know, always a good sign). And the North Carolina “born alive” bill is still making its way around. And for the millionth time: THIS IS ALREADY THE LAW. They’re just trying to intimidate providers. And again, make people think “full grown baby” when they introduce a new bill. And again, do not google 6-week fetus. But South Carolina’s house just passed a 6-week ban.

And we have to remember as they come at us from all sides of the gestation timeline: we cannot compromise. Because, they are certainly NOT. And they are doing irrevocable harm, as evidenced by the bullshit, spineless watering down of the United Nations measure to protect people who have been RAPED IN WAR to not include THE WORDS REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH.

They are doing harm at levels that people do not even realize. And what they are doing will hurt all future BABIES who become adults. So… they get nothing. We give them nothing.