Well, friends, it’s been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week, we must say. Literally, as we were posting the blog yesterday Ohio’s governor (DeWine) signed the “6-week abortion bill” into law. A reminder forever that these bills are illegal and like… real random powerplays to get to the Supreme Court at their WORST…. also just political power moves to stay in office at their weirdest!

North Dakota politicians also signed a D&E ban! Sometimes when we’re looking up all the unconstitutional bans in states we’ll be like “these obvs got overturned… well in every state BUT NORTH DAKOTA!” What we’re saying is: don’t let North Dakota get fucked over without us noticing! Donate to the Red River Women’s Clinic! And consider volunteering to escort if you live near!

But we’re still fighting back! Arizona’s Planned Parenthood is suing over some TRULY shitty TRAP laws that have decimated care in the state!

And tireless reproductive justice warriors are highlighting Black Women’s Maternal Health this week! Rewire wrote this breakdown of maternal health issues throughout the United States. And earlier this week Rep. Lauren Underwood and Rep. Alma Adams launched the Black Maternal Health Caucus!

Weeks like this can sometimes feel defeating but as Mr. Rogers says, look to the helpers! And we’ll get through!