Kim Reynolds is not a reasonable Republican governor when it comes to abortion. She straight up signed the fetal “heartbeat” bill. She is extreme. But … man, if she were a LITTLE more reasonable we might feel bad for her because she basically sold herself to the anti-abortion devil and guess what… they suck! Instead, we plan to feel bad for all of Iowa.

So guess what? Iowa politicians passed a bill that sneaked in a provision to ban Planned Parenthood from getting family planning money. LOL, it’s mostly like “Well, all in a day” when this shit happens. It’s terrible and we have to fight it. BUT BUT BUT the awful, truly awful thing about this is… that IOWA JUST DID this and it had CATASTROPHIC RESULTS. See this article from 2018, “State family planning services decline 73 percent in fiscal year as $2.5M goes unspent.” Let’s just quote liberally from this:

The program, which launched in July 2017, is paying for fewer than a third as many birth-control pills, hormonal implants and related services as its previous version.

“This is exactly what we were concerned would happen — that people who need this program would not get enrolled and would not get services,” said Jodi Tomlonovic, executive director of the Iowa Family Planning Council, a private nonprofit group that distributes federal money for family planning services.

It’s like, y’all don’t even have to go THAT FAR to see that cutting funding to family planning, via your ridiculous vendetta against Planned Parenthood, DOESN’T FUCKING WORK. YOU CAN JUST LOOK AT YOUR OWN STATE.

And even more so, Iowa also just let a bill die  that would make birth control available over the counter. LOL Iowa politicians are you WORRIED THERE AREN’T ENOUGH IOWANS?!?! We can assure you, there are a lot of chill Iowans. Just not… some of them.

OK, but how’s this for the BEST kinda “both side-isms” we’ve read in a while:

Tamara Scott, a lobbyist for Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition, said there was not research that confirms making birth control over-the-counter lessens unwanted pregnancies or abortions.

“We just believe that women deserve better,” Scott said. “Birth control comes with increased risk, and we don’t see decreased care.”

However, studies from Washington University, the Guttmacher Institute and other medical researchers have shown access does reduce abortion rates.

Real cool to give Scott a FULL QUOTE while she’s just straight up lying. Imagine being anti-choice and just having to like, comb through studies to find ONE, just ONE, that confirms your straight-up mania.
Anyway, in conclusion, birth control is obviously good. We’re sorry your politicians can’t figure that out yet!