We really do care. Do U?

Well it was another really crappy week for the born. And as we pointed out, those fetal-philes who fetishize the unborn are remarkably silent when it comes to people who are on this side of the birth canal. Personhood begins at conception and ends at birth if you’re the wrong color and your parents have the gall to flee violence or oppression.

Not coincidentally, the childhood nightmare monster that’s in charge of all these children who’ve been ripped from their parents is Scott Lloyd, who we’ve been sounding the alarm on for ages.

He got tapped to be the head of Office of Refugee Resettlement because of his long history of opposing abortion by every underhanded and slimy means possible. And he went right to work making sure refugees were well cared for, by trying to force them to have babies! Because you just can’t have enough infants in tents in the desert, right?  

Now the man who refused to grant the request of a teen who had become pregnant by rape is gleefully tearing born babies from their mothers’ arms and shipping them to secret holding facilities around the country. Thanks for carrying your baby to term… now we can take it off your hands, thankyouverymuch.

Exposing hypocrites like Scott Lloyd is best done on location So LPJL is out and loud in America, all summer, people! This week we were in beautiful West Virginia, whose people are too good for the things their politicians put them through. They’re trying to ram through an amendment to the state constitution that would end Medicaid abortion…  in a state where a third of the people are on Medicaid. So yeah, that might impact a few folks.

And we came to show a little love for WV’s one and ONLY clinic (for a state with 1.8 million people!), Women’s Health Clinic of West Virginia. Although you could be forgiven for thinking there was more than one clinic in WV because a FAKE one is operation RIGHT NEXT DOOR. Stay classy, you fraudulent freaks.

We’re on a roll—this Sunday (6/24) in Columbus, OHIO, and Tuesday 6/28 in Nashville, TENNESSEE! Come on out and join us, and follow us here, because we ain’t stopping any time soon.