Scuttled summits, informants or spies, Morgan Freeman WTF?!?, duchess lessons, goats giving birth in yoga classes—and a 30-year-old dude who wouldn’t leave home had to get evicted by his parents. The regular news was almost as bizarre as the parade of horrors that reproductive rights news has become.

This week, let’s take a break from the continuous shit show of state-level legislation on repro matters. Oh, OK… Republicans in Ohio want an “abortion free society,” Louisiana is moving FIVE separate anti-choice bills (wouldn’t they get a discount by making it half a dozen?), Minnesota has a bill that would ban abortion as early as six weeks, and Kansas is willing to sink their entire telemedicine law if it doesn’t ban telemedicine abortion. But those are just the low-lights—thanks, REWIRE!

Keeping track of local news is so vital, but this week NATIONAL and even INTERNATIONAL news hit everybody’s uteri at once (like a sorority where your periods have synced).  

On a national level, this week we launched the pushback against the INSANE ban on Title X family planning funds for any clinic that so much as MENTIONS abortion care. We laid out for you in a calm and rational way why this ban is completely bat-shit AF. And more important, we spent another day explaining just who would be hurt by it (HINT—probably somebody YOU know!) and why we all need to TAKE ACTION NOW!

And because May is #MilitaryAppreciationMonth, we took the opportunity to look at how the military treats our soldiers who need abortion care. Bottom line—they need to do a LOT better. Soldiers’ lives and careers are being endangered by an abortion policy that cares more about the feelings of anti-choice politicians than the needs of the people who are risking their lives to protect our freedoms. And you need to learn what’s going on so that we can change all of that.

If it seems like the U.S. is backsliding into the 19th century, at least IRELAND has a chance to finally leap into the 21st! We told you about the stakes of the vote to finally repeal Ireland’s twisted Eighth Amendment that virtually bans ALL abortion. So even if some parts of this crazy world (like our part!) seem to be unravelling, the sun may be shining somewhere. Let’s hope the Irish shit-can their crazy abortion ban, and that we manage to prevent ours from taking place at any level of government. (Update: WE WON!)

We need to create a world that we can all live in freedom in. Because if we try to move back in with our parents, they can evict us.