Well, now that the Trump-era Roseanne reboot returned with record ratings, they’re gonna just reboot everything! Why live in the now when you can just retread the past forever?

Speaking of people who want to live in the past: doesn’t it just feel like every day anti-choice time travelers want to reboot society right back into the patriarchal prehistory of pre-Roe v Wade America? There are reasons that most of us moved beyond all of that decades ago.

And how do these backsliders plan to put their march to the past into motion? With bombardments of blatantly unconstitutional abortion bans, like the one in Ohio. They’ll keep throwing shit at the wall until they get what they want, or leave us with a shit-covered wall.

In the meantime, the anti-repro rats will keep gnawing away. They keep trying to roll back the point at which abortion is banned—20 weeks in Missouri, 15 weeks in Mississippi, now Kentucky wants 11! They don’t want numbers any higher than they can count on their webbed fingers.

Or they’ll just burst the bat-shit dam and start accusing Girl Scouts of promoting promiscuous sex and abortion, which they also did this week.

At LPJL, we’re not going back. Not to 1973, or 1873, or whatever mythic past of female subservience that these fetus freaks fantasize about. We’re moving forward, and so is the rest of the world. If anti-choice freaks out there want to experience 1972 all over, they can reboot Mannix or Room 222.